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About Komeet

Café Komeet got its start from my tiny dream to start a small café in Tallinn, which has turned into a large café with a wonderful view of Tallinn. One could say the best view in the city!
At the end of 2008, Priit Rebane offered me space for a café on the fourth floor of the planned Solaris Centre. My first answer was automatically NO. Me, operating a 400-square meter café on the 4th floor of a shopping center! Insanity!
But Priit would not give up. He was very persistent and asked me to come and just take a look. I thought, “What have I got to lose?” I’ll have a look and still say no. Wearing hardhats, we climbed through the scaffolding and whirling winds to the fourth floor. The building didn’t even have any walls. The harsh winter wind blew in my face and froze my toes. But the view that opened before me enchanted me. It was the most gorgeous view I had ever seen of Tallinn. I could not forget it. Maybe I can manage after all... I will pull myself together and make a café that will surprise everyone! We shook hands.
The process of creating a café is always difficult. Every creation is difficult! Catering is not just a matter of “a potato for you, money for me.” You have to provide something very special, yet simple and cozy, which people will adopt as their own. Every last detail must be in place.
Having the right vision and concept and remaining true to them is most important. In the meanwhile, all sorts of hindrances, disruptions and negative forces are cast in your path. But you must persevere and sacrifice something of yourself and your private life… And there are many people, who must just be trusted. I am very happy that during the creation process I was surrounded by the right, and good people. They know who they are. I thank you all!
There has been much discussion about the name Komeet (comet in English). I’ve often been asked why Komeet? The story is that we were sitting with my father, drinking a glass of wine, and talking about the name of “my” future café. A name had yet to be chosen. Since the café is located in the Solaris Centre, we started thinking about names that are related to outer space and the solar system. We came up with Rakett (rocket) and Komeet.
I was reminded of the delicious candy named Komeet from my childhood and the beautiful star with a luminous tail. The image of this flying star felt appealing, and I decided on Komeet – filled with hope and dreams. Of course, there were those for whom this was a reminder of the Soviet-era Komeet café and the Komeet candy… Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
The interior design was created together with architect Toomas Rank. I spread my “puzzle pieces” out on the table – various fabrics, colors, pieces of wood, mirror chips, magazines with pictures of chairs, tables and lamps, paint samples, and pieces of marble. My home was like a large puzzle, there wasn’t even enough room to dine at the kitchen table… My greatest inspiration was the charming blue that you see on Komeet’s work surfaces and counters. This synergy of blue and marble from Gustav’s period enchanted me. This became the basis for Komeet.
And now Komeet is ready, although a café is like a living organism that continues to learn and improve. And we along with it. We offer only the best for our guests, fairly and finely. Enough of sauces dribbled on the sides of plates and centimeter-wide strips of meat crowned with sprigs of rosemary! Long live piles of meat patties and scoops of mashed potatoes!